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24 June 2008



Even after completing the module, I could see the following message in myACCA page: "You now have access to the Professional Ethics module. Your records state that you have not completed the Professional Ethics module."


Hi Vignesh

I am also glad to be a co-blogger with you. I think the problem you faced was caused by the myACCA system and you may need to contact ACCA directly for help.

I wish you good luck!


Hello there,

Yang, being a co-blogger I have enjoyed reading your blogs and look forward to more from you...

Just a small query regarding the Professional Ethics module. I am not able to access it through the myacca page, which I presume is because I had passed my final core exams in June 2007 and did not need to convert to the new scheme.

But for the revised Oxford Brookes Project, the module is essential. Do you have any idea how I can access it?
Would appreciate your input.


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