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21 May 2008


Mabinty Conteh


If anyone is going for a P3 revision class especially at FTC Kaplan, please let me know the questions that will covered.

I'm doing P3 for the third time in December 2009. I attended a revision and question-based course for the last sitting and have all the study materials so all I need is the questions to focus on for the Dcember exam.

Your help will be appreciated. Thanks

K. Amin

To Jill from Trinidad

Hi Jill,

I am writting only P3 so I hope you can be my study mate this December 09.

Amin from Ghana.


Hi Kavita,

I can relate to your situation since the same happenned to me while attempting P7. Before that happened I always knew why I failed a certain paper but only now I know how you feel when you don't even know the reason behind your failure. It is a curse!


Hi Janine, you can get some notes on this website: www.opentuition.com/acca

Good luck.



I am writing CAT T8 and T5 and I need suggestions on how to answer these questions as I do not have any work experience in either field.



I've failed F8 two times. First time with 48 and second time with 46 marks. I really don't know how to pass this paper. Very tough for me. I understand the concept but why I can't get a passing score in the exam?

Can anyone please advise me?



I'm from Trinidad WI and I'd like a study partner for F8 and P3 if anyone is interested?


Hey Permalink, thank you for your tips on answering essay type questions.


Anyone studying towards P1 in June 2009? I am looking for a study partner.


Hi, I am doing P1 in June 2009. Can someone help me with exam preparation and studying towards June 2009?

kana aurelien

Hi, I am writing F5 for the fourth time. You see, in my country, we do not have tuition providers so I would like to receive somebody's notes which belong to a recognised tuition provider. Can anybody help please?

kana aurelien

Hello, I am writing Papers F5, F8, and P2. I need suggestions on all those papers and also if somebody is doing the same papers.



If anyone has a mock or past paper for Paper F3, can you please forward it to us at this address, please?

Thank you.

Thu Hien

I will take part in F7, F9 in June 2009, please join with me!


Hi, I'm from Pakistan.

I'm taking four papers (F4, F5, F6, and F7) - any suggestions for me, especially F4 and F5?

Mohammed Tabarok Hossain


I wish to get help on F4, Global, please.

Lazina Afrin

Hi Ajijah (Malaysia),

I am from Bangladesh. I have taken F5 and F6 and will appear exam on June 2009, Inshallah. Would you like to discuss these two papers with me?

Lazina Afrin

Thanks a lot for the topic on 'essay writing questions'. It will help us a lot as part of exam preparation.

Ajijah Abd Rasid


I am looking for someone to study with on F5, F6 and F7 and someone who has taken the papers. I will be taking the paper in June 2009 in Malaysia.


Hi, I will take the exam in December 2008 in Vietnam for Paper 4 (CAT). I really pity that I can not test by computer. My friends tested by computer with high pass rates and marks. I hope the writing test is the same as the easy computer test because I am worried about my ability of my writing and disclose. English is not my mother Language. But I promise at the next exam i will improve it better.


Hi! I will take the next exam in December 2008 in Vietnam for Papers 2,4 and 6 (CAT). I am worried about my ability of writing because English is not my mother language. I really hope the test will not be fully theory. At the next time, I promise I will improve it better, after this test.


Hi, I am looking for someone to study with on Paper P1. I will undertake the exam in December 2008 in Sydney.

Research Paper Writing

Thanks for your topic on 'essay writing questions'. I think it will add a great value to refine my skills and abilities.

Write term paper

That's nice. Great to know about suggestions for essay writing questions, too. Thanks

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