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02 February 2009


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Thank you for the tips...

I know a friend who just graduated from the nursing program with great grades. She went to school full-time and had saved enough money so that she wouldn't have to work.

This sounded like an ideal plan until she graduated and went out to get a job. She found that no one was willing to hire her because of what you wrote about. So I will let her know about this.

Thank you and take care.



The above article has highlighted common, but, important points, which are not only applicable to ACCA students, but also, are worth to mention generally.

The Resume part is of greater importance, while skills learnt at campus, and job related experiences are crucial for those who are fresh graduates.



The current situation of jobs these days are worse. Things have gone changed so rapidly that students find themselves in real trouble while searching for a good job.

This article is really helpful in a manner that it emphasizes on the real factors behind rejection.


Hi there,

Could you please inform me if this institution is approved by Bangladesh Govt/UGC, Bangladesh? And have MOU overseas institutions/universities? And do they accept credit transfers? Pleased to hear soon!



I am studing F4 and wish to take the exam in June. I have done my CAT and have always relied on past exam papers on revision. But now I am trying to locate the link to these past exam papers but to no avail. Anyone with an idea whether this is still available on myacca or if it has been removed?

Ta Sel



I'm a new student, and I registered first time, and received a mail with a passcode. Friends, how can I log in on accaglobal to check my registration and to get my separate email?


I totally agree with this article and it is my status at present. Before, I studied another field, not related to accounting or finance. I decided to study accounting in December 2007 and took part in ACCA exams.

I passed Level 1 and want to work in accounting, but this is very difficult. I live in Vietnam. When companies and organsations recruit staff, they require certificates and experiences. Of course, I have no experience. Who would want to employ me?

I need your help!

Muhammad Faizan Ur Rauf

I totally agree with this article, but I still have some reservations with it...

I am a Pakistani student and here, in almost every ACCA tution provider, no-one can get any role in outdoor activities like working with NGOs or other social activities.
This could be due to many reasons, as there is a lot of study pressure on students, and not necessarily because ACCA is one of the tough course. It could also be because our families usually put so much pressure on us.

The prevailing conditions of our country means that not everyone is aware of this 'terrorism', and this stuff is pushing us away from innovative ideas that make our CVs look good.

What do you guys think is good for students like us?

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