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23 April 2008


Worf Smith

Referring to the useful examiners' feedback, I would agree with the opinion that the feedback provided in the student accountant magazine after each session is valuable, but the really useful feedback for every student would be to see his/her own script and review the comments made by the marker (examiner).

Thus, he/she will learn from the mistakes and improve his/her performance after every exam sitting. How could one understand what he/she has to improve when he/she does not see his/her script?

I think that ACCA should reconsider its policy and if they want to provide a really useful feedback to their students - I believe that this is the way to do it.

I failed an exam three years ago and I sent an attestation request. I paid 50-60 UK pounds and I expected to receive my script with comments form the marker (examiner). Nothing like this - I received a two-page letter stating that all procedures have been followed and no mistakes/discrepancies have been found in the assessment of my script.

The letter gave no detail and no constructive feedback on my performance. There was one sentence saying that of 5 questions I have failed 3 and passed 2 questions. Furthermore, the letter was saying that I could request another attestation review which will be performed by a commission and, of course, that I should pay another 50 UK pounds for 'this service'. Do you really think that this is useful feedback?

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