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26 March 2008


Study Marketing London

Really, I like this article. Yes, positive attitude is the success key. Every students should follow this rule. This will help a lot of students.



I was just wondering - I registered with ACCA in August and have started the distance learning course with Griffith College. Do I have to wait until Dec to do exams in F1 and F2 or can I do computer based exams beforehand?



What can I do in future with ACCA? Is it better if I do a degree with it? Thank you


Hi there,

Kindly give me some advice as to how to be successful in the ACCA Fundamental examinations.

Irfan Khalid

Irfan here,

I am going to take an admission in a Pakistani university. I just wanna know that what I was told by someone is true: that always give your last 3 papers of ACCA from London to make your ACCA more strong.

So would anyone be able to guide me regarding this.

Thank you

kafuti larry


I am Kafuti Larry. How do I successfully study for F5 and F7? I am doing self study.

C N Zaman


Can anyone clarify the BSc degree in Applied Accounting by Oxford Brookes University? Is it that after completing the Fundamental levels I could attain the degree?

Also, what about the MBA? After completing the ACCA Qualification, do I have to apply for it?

I am really confused. Please could someone reply to me? Thank you.



My name is Harry, and I have to say after completing F1-F3 exams, I have had some luck in finding a job.



I'm really very interested to study the ACCA qualification. Maybe some of you can give me your advice...

I don't have any experience in accounting, but I have BH in banking financial sciences.

Thank you

Slavic Velychko

Hello Yang

I graduated with a bachelor in finance five years ago and do not really remember a lot from my previous accounting classes.

ACCA has just notified me that i do not need to take basic accounting because they will except it.

Do I need to take he first three papers in accounting or just ignore them and concentrate on other papers?

Mfon Abasiattai

I am a lawyer, undergoing a career change to accountancy and registered to write the December 2008 examinations (Papers F5-F8). I am currently studying privately at home and humbly enquire whether attending formal classes/training would improve a candidate's chances of passing the skills level exams or is the home study option equally as effective?

Web editor - ACCA


When submitting your application for registration as an ACCA student, please also forward a copy of your official degree completion certificate and full course transcript, detailing the passes achieved at each stage from first year to final award.

Only copies of official documentation issued by the awarding institute should be submitted for consideration. You may submit these to us by fax, e-mail attachment or post. ACCA Connect, ACCA's global customer service centre can be contacted on +44 (0)141 582 2000, or fax +44 (0)141 582 2222, or e-mail [email protected]

Please note that the closing dates for registration in respect of the June and December examinations are 31st December and 15th August respectively.

Please feel free to contact us again on the above details should you require any further information or assistance.


Hi, I'm really very interested to follow the ACCA qualification. Maybe some of you can give me your advice.

For example, concerning the entry requirements: I'm already a lawyer and I have decided to begin the ACCA programme (Fundamentals F1, F2...).

Should I ought to translate my certificates of school and university studies? Which other document may I need at the moment of applying?

And concerning the books for distance learning: There are two entities Kaplan and BPP. Which is the difference between them? Is there any?

And this is a personal question, just to have an idea. I know that it may vary depending on each one: how much time ask you to prepare each course?

Thank in advance for your answers!


Hi shubhechchha

ACCA papers do not conflict with post-graduate courses. If you manage your time well, you will be able to accomplish both of them. I wish you success in your ACCA papers and postgraduate course.


Hi Yang

I just wanted to ask you a question. I'm 19 yrs old and I want to do ACCA F1, F2, and F3 along with an academic postgraduate course hand-in-hand. How hard is it to do both at a time? How do you manage with ACCA papers and your masters classes?

Richard Clarke

In fact, recent studies have been done on positive attitudes and examinations. One group were asked to take a memory test by a dull, disinterested tutor and another by a happy, smiling one in a brightly lit room. Despite there being no intelligence differences between the groups, the latter group scored 40% more than the first!

Positive attitude - it works!

Richard Clarke


I am currently studying ACCA Paper P2 and sitting for exams in June 2008. I am looking for students to study with - I am based in Slough.


I am an ACCA student under the CAT program from Bangladesh. I will sitting CAT T1,T2,T3 exams in June '08.

Web editor - ACCA

Hi Riko

To answer your questions:

1) If it is the ACCA Qualification, the minimum percentage to pass is 50%.

2) There are many variants for Taxation, of which one is UK. Students who study for this should chose the books for the country they are studying for.

Hope this helps.

See Wei Jie

What you say is right. I am a undergraduate student, and to further my studies in accountancy, I hope I can gather some more information from your blog, as I am unsure about what an accountancy student has to study.


Hey Yang, I have got two questions to ask you. Firstly, what's the total mark for each exam and what's the minimum percentage we need to pass? Secondly, I saw ACCA (BPP Learning Media) has different books for taxation (one is United Kingdom, one is International), but which one should we choose in line with the ACCA exam? Thank you very much.

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